As British politicians continue pursuing an increasingly fruitless geopolitical virtue-signaling campaign and harmful economic policies, millions of consumers are being extorted by energy companies with unaffordable record-level energy bills. Thus far, the government’s answer has been: ‘let them eat cake’. Meanwhile, the British government expands its state censorship and propaganda operations under the increasingly authoritarian and disingenuous guise of “counter-disinformation and media development,” still claiming that ‘Russian disinformation’ is somehow confusing the British public and ‘threatening democracy’ in the UK and Europe. In another desperate move by the regime in Kiev, Zelensky officials released ‘Black List’ of international journalists, academic, and politicians they consider to be disinformation violators. Also, Ukraine launches a missile strike against a Donbass detention centre killing scores of Ukrainian POWs, and hostilities begin heating up in Syria again, as western-backed terrorists in al Qaeda-occupied Idlib resume attacks against Syrians. All this and more. 

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