SUNDAY SCREENING: The Healing Power of Music (2022)

From infancy to old age, music can transform our state of mind and even our physiology.


Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Music affects all levels of the human brain, and our emotions. It shapes us in the womb, touches us deeply and can even drive us to peak performance. Neuroscientists like Peter Vuust and Stefan Kölsch research the secrets of rhythms and melodies by studying how our brains function and develop. From the University of Bergen in Norway, Stefan Kölsch believes that music may help our bodies to activate healing powers better than many drugs can. When we cook, we hum along to pop songs on the radio. We clap to the beat when a particularly groovy song comes on. This documentary examines the positive influence music has on us – from infancy to old age.

Run time: 40 min
Production: DW Documentary (2022)