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AIDS. It was the defining epidemic of a generation. But it was also the coming of age for many leading scientists and doctors who came to realize that blaming the illnesses known as AIDS on a virus was not only unsupported by science, it was downright nonsensical. What were the true causes of the many illnesses labelled AIDS around the world? How many suffered from their misdiagnosis? The prescription of repurposed AZT drugs arguable did more harm than good for vulnerable patients. As it turns out, some familiar suspects like Dr. Anthony Fauci were in key gatekeeping positions back then. How the scientific establishment fell into a deadly HIV-AIDS delusion is crucial to understanding other so-called ‘global pandemics’, and what it means to be healthy’ in the eyes of the medical industry today. Watch: 

Run time: 1 hrs 46 min
Production: Paradigm Shift Pictures (2022)