Wednesday, November 13, 2019

White Helmets

Going Underground: Vanessa Beeley on The Idlib Ceasefire, White Helmets and...

Going Underground's Afshin Rattansi interviews Vanessa Beeley

White Helmets ‘Evacuation Route’ Out of Syria Revealed

‘Following the tracks’ of the White Helmets’ evacuation out of Syria.

Beautiful Days: Peter Tatchell’s Failed Intervention vs Vanessa Beeley, Peter Ford,...

Serial regime change promoter, Peter Tatchell, tries to redirect the narrative on Syria.

Treka: ‘Who are the people fighting the Syrian Army in Idlib?’

Treka helps us answer this question...

The ‘Goodbye John McCain’ Song by The Russian Trolls

This musical tribute cover of the late John McCain is both clever and a fairly accurate depiction of his lifelong dedication to the industry of war.

Interview: White Helmet Leader, Raed al-Saleh, Gets His Facts Confused

White Helmets PR face stumbles on live TV, claims he’s a victim of a ‘Russian smear campaign’...

UK COLUMN: White Helmets Exodus from Syria, Novichok 2, Amazon Warns...

Mike Robinson and guest host Patrick Henningsen with the day’s international news round-up.

WATCH: ‘Imperialism on Trial’ Tour Kicks Off in the UK (July...

Watch the full recorded presentation of this groundbreaking event...

Another Fatal Blow to The West’s Precious White Helmets Narrative

“Too many times we’ve seen the same child in photographs, year after year, always covered in dust.”

SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Speaks to UK Column about Eastern Ghouta

Vanessa Beeley speaks to UK Column about Eastern Ghouta.