Friday, October 19, 2018


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‘Decadence & Downfall of the Shah of Iran’ (2016)

It was meant to be a celebration of the Persian empire, but it turned out to be the catalyst for the dynasty’s downfall.

Is Brett Kavanaugh Actually An Enemy of the Fourth Amendment?

Explaining some 'inconvenient truths' about Kavanaugh's constitutional record.

UK COLUMN: UK F-35 Roll-out, Big Pharma Paid-for Guardian Content, Spooks...

Mike Robinson is joined by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen for the early week news round-up.

‘The Good, Bad, & The Ugly’ of Trump’s UN Speech

Daniel McAdams is joined by special guest Phil Giraldi to break it all down...

Investigative Documentary: “Diplomatic Viruses”

Watch Dilyana Gaytandzhieva's investigative documentary "Diplomatic Viruses" narrated by Patrick Henningsen

‘Diplomatic Immunity’ Used to Traffick Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret...

In her latest investigation, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reveals the Pentagon’s biolaboratory in Tbilisi and the diplomatic cover provided to traffick in “human blood and pathogens for a secret military program.”

White Helmets ‘Evacuation Route’ Out of Syria Revealed

‘Following the tracks’ of the White Helmets’ evacuation out of Syria.

SYRIA: ‘How dumb do warmongers think we are?’

Daniel McAdams sums it up well here...

Voice of Reason: Professor Tells Sky News ‘More Evidence Needed’ in...

Professor Piers Robinson, a voice of reason, reiterates that ‘more evidence is needed’ before the British government’s Skripal claims can be legitimately stood up.

Beautiful Days: Peter Tatchell’s Failed Intervention vs Vanessa Beeley, Peter Ford,...

Serial regime change promoter, Peter Tatchell, tries to redirect the narrative on Syria.