Vanessa Beeley on The Corbett Report Discussing the White Helmet Propaganda...

Watch James Corbett’s detailed interview with 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley.

George Galloway talks to Eva Bartlett about the dire state of...

Unfortunately for western audiences, mainstream media have been supplying a steady stream of lies for the last 7 years.

UK COLUMN: Fake Russian Plots, Fake Syrian Chemical Attacks, Freemason Journalists...

UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest co-host Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE.

Dangerous Escalation: US-Backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ Shoots Down Russian Jet, Kills...

US-backed, US-supplied jihadist group in Syria uses US weapons to shoot down a Russian plane.

Henningsen: US ‘Squatting’ in Syria, Attempting to Manage NATO, Turkey, Kurds...

The U.S. is squatting in Syria while attempting to stage manage NATO, Turkey and the Kurds. And then there’s Russia.

The Occupation of the American Mind (2016)

A factual analysis of how the Israel Lobby controls US media coverage of the Middle East and manipulates US politicians on the lobby’s payroll.

UK COLUMN: Daniel McAdams on Twitter’s Official ‘Russian Conspiracy’, Davos Elitism...

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with special guest Daniel McAdams, for the latest news round-up.

Ian R. Crane: ‘The Mother Frackers just got seriously SPANKED!’

Anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane is optimistic after yesterday's UK push back.

UK COLUMN: National Defense Strategy, US Off-Shore Bioweapons, Turkey’s Syria Play

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the latest news round-up.

‘The Panama Chronicles’ (2018)

Investigators look at the origin of the alleged ‘hack’ how it went public, and who’s funding this mainstream media geopolitical psy-op.