Tuesday, January 15, 2019


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UK COLUMN: ‘Macron Must Go’, Integrity Leaks, Israeli Support for Tommy...

Brexit back pedaling begins, EU tank used on streets of France, Marcon's thugs go violent, MSM tries to deny Integrity scandal, and The Guardian's whitewash of Tommy Robinson's Israeli support base...

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (2017)

This is a story of a new secret Britain Empire – based in the City of London.

Hitchens: Why the West Repeatedly Misrepresents Russia

Can the West overcome this propaganda-induced collective psychosis?

UKC Extra Time: Patrick & Mike Under Influence of Russian Bot

BBC admit fake news planted by Left, behind the scenes with Putin, MBS and Trump at G20, and our own Russian Bot unmasked.

UK COLUMN: Mueller’s Spook Fest, Deep State Running Anti-Russia Disinfo Mill...

Who are all the intelligence spooks and informants helping to create the notorious Mueller Probe?

CrossTalking: Assange and The Criminalization of Journalism

A powerhouse panel discussing the dire straits of real journalism in our times.

UKC Extra Time: Pat & Mike Breakdown of Russia-Ukraine Kerch Crisis,...

Watch this special extended discussion for members and subscribers at 21WIRE.TV

UK COLUMN NEWS: Kerch Strait Crisis , NATO Provocation, ‘Integrity Initiative’...

NATO and the UK pressing hard against Russia, and nudging the West closer to a real war.

‘Invisible War – Depleted Uranium and The Politics of Radiation’ (2000)

A shocking tale of corruption and cover-ups, and a generation ruined by American military conquest.

The Story of Washington’s Economic Hitmen

A brief animation which shows how transnational corporations seize target countries, by using a special brand of predatory capitalism.