‘Awakened Ireland Fights Back!’ (2012)

Looking back at a ‘week in the life’ of a new breed of Irish citizen journalists.


Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Originally airing back in 2012, this gritty independent fly-on-the-wall documentary film looks at a week in the life of a new breed of “citizen journalists”  based in Ireland. It looks at the highly controversial “Children’s Referendum” handing over the children of Ireland to the state – a state that has abused them for so long, as well as ECB banker bailout consequences for the Irish people, including the threat of state-mandated vaccines for children. The film centres around the multi-track work of various web-based Indy media outlets, including TNS Radio, as well as frontline activists highlighted with interviews, compilation clips and actual footage. TNS Radio, founded by Vincent ‘Vin’ Byrne, and later with the People’s Internet Radio (PIR), deriving its veracity anchored in the Irish Constitution, The Bunreacht na hÉireann. The grassroots battle for justice drew in powerful establishment forces in Eire, showing how a people-powered independent media can affect change.

Run time: 47 min
Directed and Produced by Kevin O’Doherty (2012)