Syria Eye Witness: 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley on Location

In April 2017, both Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley traveled to Syria for an extended 5 week fact-finding and research project for 21st Century...


Watch as 21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen presents his closing arguments at the 'Media on Trial' event in Frome. About the event: "One former UK Ambassador, three international...

VIDEO: Syria’s White Helmets are Al Qaeda’s ‘Civil Defence’

Vanessa Beeley 21WIRE.TV The following video is a compilation of testimonies taken from Syrian civilians, finally liberated from almost five years of Nusra Front-led terrorist occupation...

‘Mainstream Meltdown’ with guests Peter Lavelle, Vanessa Beeley

Listen to Episode #163 of THE SUNDAY WIRE featuring special guests Peter Lavelle from Moscow, and Vanessa Beeley from the Middle East. This LIVE broadcast...

Henningsen: ‘East Aleppo is held by terrorists, not so-called rebels’

It's images like the recent one of the 5-year-old boy in Aleppo that are truly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, these same images are often used by...
21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen at AV7

It’s Time… 21WIRE Membership for Our Readers and Listeners

It's time. We are now ready to open up an official 21WIRE Membership and subscription drive to our readers and listeners. This has been...

Who Are Hezbollah and What is Their Role in the Middle East?

What is Hezbollah’s world vision?

‘Zimbabwe Before Independence’ (1979)

How did Mugabe’s revolution come to power?

Theresa May says ‘The Russians Did It!’, Creepy Joe Biden and More

Mike Robinson is joined by Patrick Henningsen with this week’s top stories internationally.

EU Military Unification Out of the Closet, Truth Serum Administered to Boris

Co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen, covering the top stories internationally.

Mosul & Yemen War Documentary (2017)

A unique and personal look at both of these crucial conflicts which will determine the future shape of the Middle East.

MEDIA ON TRIAL: Patrick Henningsen Shows How ‘MSM Fake News’ Leads to War

While their Fake news leads us to War, Real news stories continue to be ignored.

UK COLUMN: Marwa Osman on Saudi Purge, Iraqi PMU’s Defeat ISIS, Paradise Papers &...

Mike Robinson is joined by Patrick Henningsen, along with Lebanese political analyst Marwa Osman, to discuss the top stories internationally.

‘Royal Family Of Saudi Arabia’ (2010)

Are their days numbered?

EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Henningsen Reporting from Iraq

Hear from Patrick Henningsen in Baghdad, Iraq

‘Syrian Oak’ (2017)

This week’s documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. This documentary film was shot and produced in Syria, and it follows the journey...