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It’s Time… 21WIRE Membership for Our Readers and Listeners

It's time. We are now ready to open up an official 21WIRE Membership and subscription drive to our readers and listeners. This has been...

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Spring Forever: Tragedy & Causes of the Arab Spring’ (2012)

Our weekly documentary screening, curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. A young man sets fire to himself on the streets of Tunisia. Revolution, riots...

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 23, 2016

We live in incredible times. This past week we witnessed something that, quite frankly, the world could have done without. On Saturday Sept. 17th, we learned that the US 'Coalition' did the unimaginable - an attack which killed at least 70 soldiers and wounded 100 others - in an airstrike meant to target ISIS near the eastern city of Deir el-Zour in Syria. The US claimed it was a mistake, but this excuse does not seem too credible when examining what happened.

SPECIAL SHORT SCREENING: ‘Nyctalopia’ (Asha’ Leili)

This short film speaks symbolically about what really happened in Syria - through a simple dinner table scene. Nyctalopia (Asha' Leili): Night Blindness - a disease where...

MEMBERS SHORT SCREENING: ‘On the Occasion of…’ (2016)

This is a short film takes an intimate look at four human states of emotion: happiness, sadness, anger and horror. The story is set in...

EPISODE #5 – ON THE QT: ‘Really? A Russian Hack?’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV

Listen to the first 30 min segment of this new fortnightly podcast, ‘ON THE QT’, hosted by Patrick Henningsen. This new show brings together a number of...

MEMBERS: EPISODE #5 – ON THE QT: ‘Really? A Russian Hack?’ (FULL SHOW) @21WIRE.TV

THIS WEEK: Washington politicians and media operatives are floating the story that Russia has “hacked into” the 2016 US election process. Is it true, or just a media ruse? Also: Hillary Clinton’s campaign in crisis, Israel arm-up in a new deal with Uncle Sam, and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde might actually go to jail.

National Security Alert: The Pentagon Attack (2009)

Our weekly documentary film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE. Aside from the collapse of WTC Building 7, a major achilles heel in the official...

INTERVIEW: Vanessa Beeley on Aleppo, ‘Chemical Weapons’ Propaganda & The White Helmet Folly

UK Column News anchor Mike Robinson talks to 21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley in a stunning interview covering the reality on the ground in Aleppo, the truth behind...

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 8, 2016

One thing is abundantly clear after observing all of the mainstream news coverage this week: the West, comprising of US and NATO member states, have relaunched a major public relations campaign to demonize the government of Syria, and to glorify terrorist groups, their affiliates and fake NGOs operating in places like Aleppo. Also this week: The US presidential election just got even uglier, as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both declared war on each other; and coming up, the 15 year anniversary of 9/11.

The Drug Fueled Conflict In Syria

Our weekly documentary film, curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE.  This film offers one particular inside look into what could be described as ‘Syria’s...