The Syrian comedian Treka, known for his humorous take on world events, gets serious about the battle that looms in Idlib – and helps answer the question of just who are these people preparing to fight the Syrian Army in Idlib.

In this biting commentary, complete with video clips, Treka covers a range of topics, including:

  • Western media will portray the Syrian Army’s offensive in Idlib as the killing of innocent ‘rebel’ freedom fighters. The truth is these people terrorize the local population and impose Sharia law on them. In one clip, we learn a 20-year-old boy is sentenced to 50 lashes for sitting in public with a girl that is not his wife. Oh my Allah!
  • Many of the jihadi militants fighting in Syria are NOT from Syria. In one clip, we meet a jihadist from Malaysia.
  • You can bet if things don’t go well for these people, they’ll run to Europe claiming they’re Syrians and be welcomed with open arms.
  • And of course, another staged ‘chemical attack’ is likely, produced by none other than the White Helmets.


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