UKC News: ‘More Vaccines, More Masks, More Social Distancing’

Co-host Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with this week’s news from the UK and the world.


The global vaccine road show kicked off this week, hosted by the UK and Bill Gates, where global leaders were convinced to part with a further $8.8 billion for Gates’s mass vaccination project – for an alleged ‘cure’ for coronavirus which has yet to be developed. Months after the COVID has already peaked in the UK and US – and are currently fading from the medical landscape, governments are still aggressively pushing mask and social distancing policies as if they were in the heat of a real pandemic. All of this over-regulation is threatening to crater the economy even more. What are they doing this? In America, initial protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent across the US before being exported to the UK. Can imported US movements have any affect of British politics? All this and more.

Co-host Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with this week’s news from the UK and the world…