COVID-19: ‘The Facts Changed – But Government Lockdown Policy Didn’t’

A reminder to remain vigilant, think critically, and be ready to pivot in light of new information – the very thing our governments didn’t do during the COVID crisis.


Despite routine denials by governments, particularly the US and UK, a large body of evidence-based research has come to light over the last two months which should have flipped the script on COVID-19 ‘threat.’ In this discussion, the host reminds viewers to always be vigilant and practice discernment when determining trustworthy sources, and to think critically and to stay flexible and maintain the ability to pivot in light of new information – especially when so many lives depend on it.

In this episode entitled, “Facts From the Frontlines” host Tony Robbins talks to a seven person panel, including top scientists and medical professionals who reveal some important truths hidden by governments and mainstream media about the coronavirus crisis.