Sunday, November 28, 2021
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US Senate Calls Julian Assange to Testify as Russiagate ‘Hinges on Conspiracy’

Not only does ‘Russiagate’ hinge on conspiracy, it could be completely destroyed by Assange’s testimony.

UK Rejects Assange’s Bail Application Just Days After Blocking US Extradition

21WIRE executive editor Patrick Henningsen talks to RT International shortly after British Court Judge Vanessa Baraitser rejects Julian Assange's bail application just days after...

New Audio: Assange Warning U.S. State Dept of Dangerous Leak of Classified Cables

Amid rumors circulating this week about the possibility of President Trump pardoning imprisoned WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, new audio has emerged from 2011 of...

UKC News: Govt’s COVID ‘Moonshot’ Seeks ‘Daily Testing’, Assange Trial Halted by Virus Scare

Just as the the virus is disappearing, the UK government is taking the fascist plunge – imposing even more strict draconian measures that when...

UKC News: Turkey and NATO Pushing for War, Assange in Court, Mini Nukes

This week Turkey seems determined to push hostilities to the brink of all-out war with its provocations in Idlib, Syria. Will they successfully drag...

London: U.S. Case for Extraditing Assange Made of ‘Band-Aids and Match Sticks’

This past weekend supporters for Julian Assange marched on central London and Parliament Square in the lead up to Monday's opening arguments in the...

UKC News: OPCW Leaks, Assange Extradition, Million Iraqis March, Davos & Doomsday Clock

This week Brexit became law, as the Britain heads out of Europe, or does it? Also, an information session at the House of Commons...

65 Doctors Draft Open Letter Warning British Authorities Assange May Die in Detention

Time is running out for Julian Assange. This week, 65 doctors and medical professionals, led by Australian clinical psychologist Lissa Johnson, have written an open letter to the...

UK COLUMN: Boris, Brexit, Corbyn and The Queen + Roger Waters gig for Assange

Brexit chaos has taken over Westminster this week, as Boris Johnson fights to stave-off a rebellion in his own party and beyond - as...

Patrick joins Lee Camp’s ‘Redacted VIP’ to discuss Russiagate, Economic Warfare and Assange

21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen joins Lee Camp, host of the comedy news show Redacted Tonight, from RT America's DC studios for Episode #164 of 'VIP'...