UKC News: OPCW Leaks, Assange Extradition, Million Iraqis March, Davos & Doomsday Clock

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen cover this week’s top stories internationally.


This week Brexit became law, as the Britain heads out of Europe, or does it? Also, an information session at the House of Commons this week revealed corruption within the OPCW which has tainted its reports prompting calls for an Independent Inquiry into the Douma attacks. Also, some key questions were answered this week in London regarding Julian Assange’s path forward through the judiciary – along with some shocking revelations about what is in store for him if he’s extradited to the US. Also, a million Iraqis came out this morning o demand the US troops leave their country, and also this year’s Doomsday Clock was revealed, now 100 seconds to midnight, the closest ever to global catastrophe ever. Recognizing the perilous state of world affairs, Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for a new Five Powers’ summit to avert a calamity. Elites in Davos gather to pontificate on climate change, led by Greta Thunberg. All this and more.

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen cover this week’s top stories internationally.