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‘Mainstream Meltdown’ with guests Peter Lavelle, Vanessa Beeley

Listen to Episode #163 of THE SUNDAY WIRE featuring special guests Peter Lavelle from Moscow, and Vanessa Beeley from the Middle East. This LIVE broadcast...

Dyer: ‘LA Times ‘Fake News’ Article is an Attack on Independent Media’

Jay Dyer 21st Century Wire According to a recent feature article published by the LA Times, and which has since gone viral, this website, 21st Century...

‘Intl Community Still Financing, Protecting Terrorists’ – Mother Agnes, Vanessa Beeley on Syria

As western media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and the BBC continue to hurl viral images of ‘child victims of Aleppo,’...

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Oct 12, 2016

Here we are again – standing at the precipice of another major war, this time with Russia and maybe a few other countries, including Iran. So how did we get here?

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 23, 2016

We live in incredible times. This past week we witnessed something that, quite frankly, the world could have done without. On Saturday Sept. 17th, we learned that the US 'Coalition' did the unimaginable - an attack which killed at least 70 soldiers and wounded 100 others - in an airstrike meant to target ISIS near the eastern city of Deir el-Zour in Syria. The US claimed it was a mistake, but this excuse does not seem too credible when examining what happened.

UK Column: Exposing US-UK Funded ‘First Responder’ NGO in Syria with Direct Ties to...

In the 21st Century, the proliferation of NGOs and charities overseas has filled a vacuum left by instability and conflict. While many of these...

From Cooper, to Cuomo, to Lemon: CNN Top 5 Fails

Chronicling the media antics of CNN, the undisputed world champion in the fake news sweepstakes.

WATCH: ‘Imperialism on Trial’ Tour Kicks Off in the UK (July 2018)

Watch the full recorded presentation of this groundbreaking event...

UK COLUMN LIVE: UK Gov’t Funding Terrorism in Syria, Macron’s Meltdown, Michael Flynn, City...

Co-anchor Mike Robinson joined by Patrick Henningsen, with special guests Vanessa Beeley and Mark Anderson.