Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

According to a recent feature article published by the LA Times, and which has since gone viral, this website, 21st Century Wire, has been placed at the top of a “list” of “fake” news sites compiled by Dr Melissa Zimdars, an associate professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts.

Aside from being a highly political attempt to discredit a number of online news source which Dr Zimdars and the Democratic Party establishment probably labels as “Alt Right,” this coordinated effort also points directly to a much deeper agenda, as part of a larger as psychological operation to create an algorithm for “filtering” (censoring) news items on major internet platforms and social networks.

I take that to heart, since I write for 21WIRE. It’s no coincidence that this LA Times hit piece comes in the same week that Democratic Party pundits and leaders are blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump on “fake news” posted on Facebook which they claim wrongly influenced voters. Also just by coincidence this week, Facebook, Google and other DNC affiliated Silicon Valley media partners have announced they are planning to draw-up lists of numerous alternative media websites including ‘right wing’ websites as well as known satire sites, and ours – as “fake.” Google and Facebook will then be able to flag and restrict banned websites from being able to earn revenue through their advertising networks. Of course, the real reason for this is explained in my video (watch below) outlining the absurdity of the most astounding liars on the planet – the Mainstream Media – accusing websites like ours as pushing out “fake news.” Ultimately, this is an attack on all independent media.

It seems that Dr Zimdar’s ‘master list’ was made to place 21WIRE at the top – and yet, it’s perhaps the best site on the list and is the only one that has ‘been to Syria,’ reported on the ground in Aleppo, and even met with Syria’ president Assad – all things that most corporate mainstream media outlets have not managed to do. 21WIRE also blasted faux NGO the White Helmets away as a western-funded propaganda front. 21WIRE is subject to regular DDoS attacks and regularly does real journalism. It is also edited by accredited journalists and is frequently featured on radio and television. That is why it has been targeted in this hit piece – because it is independent and not attached to any political party.

(Watch my video analysis here.)

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