For the last 6 months, 21st Century Wire, along with many other alternative news outlets, has been reporting how the US Coalition-backed ‘moderate rebels’ (comprised of listed international terrorist groups including al Nusra/al Qaeda) have been using Syrian civilians a human shields in rebel-held areas like East Aleppo. 

It is a dark reality for the residents of East Aleppo, now in its fourth year of terrorist occupation – militants are tightening their control over public spaces and mosques – for fear of continued civilian protests. Last night saw the unthinkable, as hundreds of civilians took to the streets to protest against the ‘rebel’ occupation – with 17 residents gunned-down and killed and dozens of others reported wounded – as ‘moderate’ terrorists (and Washington) become ever more paranoid about losing control…

21WIRE global affairs writer Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT News International about this brutal attack, and how it exposes the complete failure of 5 years of Obama Administration and CIA policy in Syria. More and more, the world can see that the ‘rebels’ backed by the Washington-London-Paris-GCC Axis.

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Originally aired November 19, 2016 on RT