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WATCH: Sunday Wire – Episode #229 – ‘War by Way of...

Watch this episode of the Sunday Wire, recorded LIVE on April 15th, 2018.

‘Slaughtered On Suspicion’ (2014)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. Back in 2001, the United Kingdom was besieged by a crisis which rocked the...

Integrity Initiative Redux? George Galloway’s #MOATS with guest Patrick Henningsen

Meet the UK and NATO’s new and upgraded “disinformation factory”, an expansive clandestine network of mainstream, journalists, NGOs, and ‘activists’ – all working in...

ON THE QT: Special BREXIT Update with guest Basil Valentine

Between Britain, Boris and Brexit, there are more twists and turns, subplots and backroom manoeuvres than anyone can possibly keep track of – but...

Why You Should Question Vaccine Passports

Note: This video was banned this week by YouTube after it climbed past 4K views. We have now reposted it successfully to Rumble (watch...

UK COLUMN: UK F-35 Roll-out, Big Pharma Paid-for Guardian Content, Spooks...

Mike Robinson is joined by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen for the early week news round-up.

UK COLUMN: ‘The Skripal Affair’ with guest Dmitry Orlov

UK Column anchor Mike Robinson and guest host Patrick Henningsen are joined by special Dmitry Orlov from St Petersburg.

Henningsen to RT: “We’re in desperate need of adult supervision here”

After this latest attack on free speech, what's next?

Voice of Reason: Professor Tells Sky News ‘More Evidence Needed’ in...

Professor Piers Robinson, a voice of reason, reiterates that ‘more evidence is needed’ before the British government’s Skripal claims can be legitimately stood up.

Hitchens: ‘Why the Left Think They Are Better’

From where does the political Left derive its self-belief of moral superiority from?