Monday, July 22, 2024


WATCH: ‘Refreshing Breath of Truth’ on Gaza Massacre, Palestine Allowed On-Air

Something you almost never see on a major news network -- truth-telling about Israel and Palestine.

UK Column News Roundup with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen

UK Column News host Mike Robinson and guest co-host Patrick Henningsen start the week with this extensive world news roundup...

‘The Good, Bad, & The Ugly’ of Trump’s UN Speech

Daniel McAdams is joined by special guest Phil Giraldi to break it all down...

How Britain Created Israel & ‘The Nakba’ (2013)

A detailed look at how Britain engineered the illegal creation of the state of Israel and sold out the native Arab population in the process.

‘The Israeli Lobby in Britain’ (2017)

A deep look into the Israeli Lobby’s infiltration of British politics and society.

Why You Should Care About The Palestinian ‘Nakba’

Like most major injustices in the world, Israel’s oppression of Arab Palestinians is wrapped in an endless yarn of lies and propaganda used to...

Inlakesh: US Continue Piling on the Lies About Iran – But...

New lies about Iran are disseminated each day, as willing US leaders like Mike Pompeo and President Trump receive their talking point memos from...

Inside the Israeli Lobby in USA (2017)

A banned film which offers one of the deepest and most detailed investigations into how Israel has achieved its stranglehold on the US politics.

Why is Washington Afraid of Ilhan Omar?

Politically speaking, Washington DC has now become an occupied territory. Outspoken Minnesota Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D) has the two-party establishment in knots following her recent...

‘The Zionist Story’ (2009)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. The Zionist Story, is an independent film which chronicles the story of ethnic cleansing,...