Short Film: NATO’s Nazis Terrorize ‘Grannies of Mariupol’

Snipers, backed by NATO, are now continuously targeting innocent civilians in Mariupol, Donbass.


It’s no longer a surprise to know that large numbers of Ukrainian fighters are led by a deep Nazi ideology and openly brandish Swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia and shamelessly glorify the legacy of the WWII Nazi SS genocide purveyor Stepan Bandera. Throughout the current conflict, these extremist battalions dominate the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and during their time occupying Mariupol they would routinely use the city’s residents as human shields – in contravention coif the Geneva Convention on war crimes. They did this with the full backing of the NATO allies.

These horrendous terrorist tactics continue to this day, with snipers, most certainly directed by NATO intelligence, targeting innocent civilians in an attempt to drive them from their homes and out of cities like Mariupol.

From John Mark Dougan:

Terrified grannies of Mariupol, so sinister it may make you cry.” Traveled with @iEarlGreyTV Mike Jones and awesome translator Maria Lelyanova to deliver humanitarian aid to Mariupol. While we were there, we heard scary stories about Ukrainian snipers from the grandmothers who lived there. And there is a very sinister element to this story that you need to hear to believe. Share this video with everyone you know so they understand.

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