As the UK economy heads further into a tailspin, government ministers have nothing to offer other than blaming Putin for their own policy-induced economic suicide. Meanwhile, the Ukraine situation is heating up fast, with high-level prisoner swaps this week, and reports of Russia mobilizing more reservists – just as referendums to join the Russian Federation go underway over the next 4 days in the Donbass, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions – in what soon may become ‘the former Ukraine’. Desperate Western politicians and media pundit are spreading the talking point that, ‘Putin is losing and so he’s going to use a tactical nuke.’ Is there a danger of a western false flag event?  Also, multiple FBI whistleblower have come forward this week to expose the agency using the excuse of January 6th in order to political targeting of regular American citizens, as they allocate more resources to pursuing Trump supporters than they did with 9/11. All this and more. 

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