The UK’s notorious Online Harms Bill has now been unveiled, and it’s perhaps the most Orwellian enabling acts ever seen in history. If passed, it will be the end of free speech on social media platforms, as well as a historic power-grab by the state to quell and shutdown any dissent against the government policies, overseas operations and general corruption. This week, Ukrainian President Zelensky continued his world Zoom tour to lobby for cash and weapons in order to help keep NATO’s proxy war against Russia going, but for how long? Are we seeing a repeat of the West’s dirty war on Syria? Also, the new ‘international brigades’ and Ukraine Foreign Legion are attracting militia tourists from all over the world – young men looking for adventure and to join ‘the good fight’ against the Russians. But it’s not all going to plan, and we can see, some of the usual suspects are funding and driving the propaganda recruitment drive to attract western soldiers of fortune to Ukraine to fight alongside Nazi battalions. Meanwhile, in the globalist cocktail circuit, Nancy Pelosi and Bono have gone all-in for Ukraine and have official canonized Zelensky as the new “St Patrick.” All this and more. 

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