Record-breaking Freeze Exposes Out of Touch ‘Green Energy’ Plan

Elites pushing ‘green energy’ are dangerously out of touch with the harsh realities of energy and economics.


The winter of 2020-2021 has already been a record-breaking winter in many parts of the world, with this trend being felt no more so than in the Lone Star State.

Snow and ice knocked out power for more than four million people in the state of Texas, shutting down essential services, water treatment plants, grocery stores, medical services, and even air travel, with more freezing days still to come.

Far from supportive of people struggling in Texas, the view from the White House is nothing short of bizarre – with no definitive statement thus far being made by new President Joe Biden, who instead has continued to stick to what can only be described as the World Economic Forum and Greta Thunberg’s well-worn script, further claiming that ‘climate change’ (aka global warming due to man-made CO2) somehow poses an “urgent existential threat the life on earth” – despite the fact that there is no actual scientific evidence of this often repeated claim.

Instead, the White House is doubling down on its UN-led radical green energy plan, where many states and nations have already been lured into converting their power grids to ‘sustainable’ energy, and in the process creating punishing higher energy prices for consumers, as well as deadly power shortages due to the unreliable ‘green’ grid.

It’s now clear that is really driving the ‘sustainable’ race to the bottom is the illusion of a moral imperative to “save the planet” which is being fueled by an ever-growing gravy train of ‘green’ consultancies and financial instruments which are effectively being subsidized through various federal government grants.

The results – like we are seeing this week in Texas, as well as in Germany – have been nothing short of deadly, led by faux environmental activists, incompetent bureaucrats and increasingly clueless, virtue-signalling politicians.

Watch as host Tucker Carlson explains how elites pushing ‘green energy’ are dangerously out of touch with America, as well as the harsh realities of energy and economics…