Yemen Fights Back: Marwa Osman Speaks with Patrick Henningsen

An update on the situations in Yemen and Bahrain.


Now approaching its 6 year anniversary, the war on Yemen has turned out to be one of the most rapacious and brutal conflicts waged by the West and Gulf states against Arabs in the Middle East. For ambitious monarchies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it has become a real quagmire, as Yemen’s Ansarullah/Houthi resistance fighters have gradually turned the tide and are now pushing Saudi coalition forces out of occupied territory.

Part One: The missile force affiliated with the government of Sana’a targeted “King Khalid Air Base” in Khamis Mushait in the Asir region, southern Saudi Arabia, with a ballistic missile that has not yet been revealed. This attack came shortly after the Yemeni armed forces targeted last week the garrison of the warplanes at Abha International Airport, with “Samad 3” and “Qasef 2” drones. To discuss this issue host Marwa Osman speaks with Patrick Henningsen, founder of the 21st Century Wire. Part Two: A decade after demonstrators massed in Bahrain’s capital to call for the downfall of their government in 2011, authorities continue to suppress all signs of opposition. However, Bahraini people continue their movement with the aim of reform in a country where an oppressive regime is not compatible with the will of the Bahraini nation. To discuss this issue with us from London is former Bahraini Member of Parliament, Jawad Fairouz.

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