Planet Normal: ‘Scientists Should Be ‘the Last People Running Society’

Nerdy scientists should not be running the country during the pandemic.


The UK’s Telegraph reports…

“Nerdy” scientists should not be running the country during the pandemic, a former NHS consultant has claimed, arguing they “tend to miss the big picture.” Special guest, leading pathologist Dr John Lee talks with Telegraph columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan for the Planet Normal podcast.

One of the fatal flaws in governments’ dramatic claims of ‘COVID deaths’ has been a marked change in recording COVID deaths – making much easier to attribute the cause of death to COVID – even though the actual cause of death was more likely multiple chronic, long-term health conditions. As a result of this statistical distortion, the government and mainstream media have been running hysterical fear campaign and crippling lockdown policies.

Dr Lee explains, “I think recording the death in this way …. it’s become very difficult to know the role that COVID is playing in what we’re seeing in the health service over the last year.”

“The three things are the nature of the threat due to this virus, the effectiveness of the responses that we’ve introduced to it, and then the cost other costs of those responses. I think if we just look at what’s happened over the last year it seems to me anyway that the nature of the threat has been exaggerated, and the effectiveness of the responses that have been introduced have been exaggerated – while the costs of the responses that we’ve introduced have been greatly underestimated. And you put those three things together and what we have is a pretty unpleasant view of the world and not a way to deal with an epidemic,” said Dr Lee.

More aptly, they are asking the question: why scientists ‘tend to miss the big picture? Listen…



  1. Slightly concerned that planet normal are only beginning to realise what the powers that be are up to. Time for the media to take a better stand and go back to their actual jobs of proper investigative journalism and give their readers the real stories. Is it OK to have a 5th of the country’s population having suicidal thoughts, ok for such economic and emotional losses destroying lives and businesses, mainly due to misrepresentation of hospital figures causing fear, not to mention using extremely dubious tests to validate their tyrannical decisions? Time for people to go hack out and get on with living. Time for the reporters to do some reporting. Just saying.