Discussion: Is America About to Lose it All?

Can the country survive as a constitutional republic through the current political and social upheaval?


As political and ideological culture wars continue to pull the country to new depths of divisiveness, the overall picture does not appear to be heading in a positive direction for America. With totalitarian policies like ‘lockdowns’ and economic shutdowns, and radical ideological agendas like cultural Marxism currently in the ascendancy in mainstream circles, the United States will continue to fracture along partisan lines, and may soon become the divided states of America.

Many scholars now believe that this new radical partisanship is also signalling the death of ethics and morals, punctuated by an the attack on religions like Christianity, and even against America’s once sacrosanct Constitutional Rights. Is the Left taking their long march too far? In their pursuit of cultural and political dominance, will they eventually undermine the very fabric of society, its freedoms, and the rule of law itself? Can America strike any kind of balance between long-standing conservative principles and free markets – against the statist and socialist impulses of the political left?

The current trends have also been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns, which has seen new dictatorial powers given to openly authoritarian state governors like Andrew Andrew Cuomo in New York, Gavin Newsom in California, and the radical Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti – all of whom have used the air a ‘pandemic’ to consolidate political and state power. By shutting down schools and businesses, the new authoritarian class has managed to gain unprecedented control over peoples’ lives and work. These same radical politicians are now making overtures about coercing (and in some cases, forcing) their citizens to take an experimental COVID-19 vaccines – all for a seasonal respiratory virus which has a similar infectious fatality rate (IRF) as the seasonal flu, and with an approximate 99.75% recovery rate. Meanwhile, the corporate media are attacking any dissenters who are questioning governments’ radical measures.

That said, can America survive intact as a bona fide constitutional republic through the current political and social upheaval? Which sort of qualities would a prospective leader need in order hold the country together through this tumultuous epoch?

Host Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with Larry Arnn, an American Educator, writer and President of Hillsdale College, where he is a Professor of History and Politics…