‘Letter J’: International Jurists’ Letter in Support of Julian Assange

Watch/listen to this important video of a letter sent in support of Julian Assange.


Consortium News recently published a video read out of an ‘International Jurists’ Letter in Support of Julian Assange’, read by 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen:

About the letter:

“This International Jurists’ letter to British authorities in support of Julian Assange was prepared by Deepa Govindarajan Driver and sent to its addressee (the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with copies sent to the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, and other leading politicians) and made public on 22nd February 2020.”

The letter is available in text format here: https://catherinebrown.org/international-jurists-letter-in-support-of-julian-assange-february-2020/

Consortium News also reported that:

“There were 44 signatories at the time of the letter’s release to the press. Those invited to sign are current and former judges, lawyers, and legal academics. If you would like to sign the letter, please write to Deepa Driver at deepadriver@protonmail.com with the email title ‘Assange Jurists’ Letter’, your statement of consent, your title, name, designation and organisation, and your reason for signing (if you wish to include a comment for inclusion in publicity). Deepa can be contacted with questions at the above email address.”

Read by Patrick Henningsen – 21st Century Wire
Image: Cathy Vogan for Consortium News
Music: Greenred Productions – patreon.com/greenredproductions