‘A Total Stitch-Up’: Julian Assange Arrested After Ecuador Revokes Asylum

Are we watching the ‘criminalization of journalism’ unfold in front of our eyes?


21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen appeared on RT International just a few hours after Assange’s arrest, reporting it was “directly connected with the imprisonment of Chelsea Manning” for not testifying against Assange – and part of a conspiracy charge that’s being ‘cooked up’ in the wake of this latest three-way secret deal between the governments of Ecuador, Britain and the U.S. to oust and extradite Assange.

Henningsen added:

“What he is going to face is a secret grand jury proceeding most likely in northeastern Virginia. Most likely it will be ruled on by a judge who has ruled against every single whistleblower under the Obama administration including Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou and many others. So from a legal point of view, a justice point of view, this is a total stitch-up. Julian Assange will not face due process or justice, he’s going to face a simulacra of it, but not the real thing.

What we’re seeing right now is the criminalization of journalism, the criminalization of publishing, a supine mainstream media that is not protesting what’s going on even though it’s in their interests. Instead, you have authoritarian operatives in high positions wielding a tremendous power and are threatening to demolish the Fourth Estate as we once knew it.”