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Following 9/11, the US government used the crisis to roll-out a massive domestic surveillance operation. This award-winning documentary film chronicles some of the broader aspects of this ‘new reality’ in America, starting with the hack of Glenn Greenwald’s email account, this is how the The Guardian established contact with Ed Snowden and was able to put his story together for publication. The film looks at how the NSA ramped-up its big brother-style domestic surveillance program, done in secret, and where everything became “fair game” – all in the interest of national security. It starting with collecting internet data, before expanding to capture every facet of domestic life in the United States. Later, the Obama adminstration declared an unofficial ‘war on whistleblowers’ – a repressive regime designed to intimidate and to silence any dissent within the government ranks. Watch:



Run time: 3 hours 52 mins
Production: PBS Frontline (2014)



  1. So we’ve watched a little over half of the first half, and it’s clear that in this very sly “documentary” PBS, and many of the subjects of this whitewash, are entirely complicit with the mind control matrix of the Security State. Frontline seems to suggest that several of the state actors running “The Program” are being deceptive, but only out of something like misguided patriotism. The truth is that it’s really PBS and Frontline that are being deceptive. Nothing to see here, go back to sleep.