Saturday, September 18, 2021
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UKC News: Vaccine Passport Deception, Zero COVID and Zero Carbon Bedfellows

This week the Government-Media Complex has really begun ramping up its cynical and divisive campaign to promote “Vaccine Passports” (aka “Immunity Passports” and “Health...

COVID School Closures Are a Disaster: Three Perspectives

Watch this report from UnHerd... For much of the past year, across Europe and the wider world, schools have been closed. Was this a morally...

COVID: ‘Project Fear’ Continues to Destroy Our Lives & Distort Reality

'Project Fear' continues to destroy our lives and distort reality in the UK, US and beyond – with 'COVID-only' health service structures and 'death...

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi: ‘We Need to Stop Following the Pied Piper on COVID’

After nine months, many are wondering: How far has society drifted from reality in its blind quest to “defeat the virus”? In his recent...

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Branch Covidians’ with guest Basil Valentine

On SUNDAY WIRE EP #345, the 2020 Election is heating up, as America was treated to an October Surprise this week – a laptop surfaced...

Leading Scientists Issue Call for COVID Herd Immunity, End to Lockdowns

By Sunetra Gupta, Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff for UnHerd As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical,...

The COVID Pandemic Hotline

Feeling overwhelmed by government Lockdowns and the constant stream of new COVID regulations? Don’t worry, just know that there are resources you can turn...

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘COVID Gravy Train’ with host Patrick Henningsen, guest Basil Valentine

On SUNDAY WIRE EP #340, western society continues to drive itself over the cliff of reality, rest assured we’ll be here to provide shamanic...

UKC News: Govt’s COVID ‘Moonshot’ Seeks ‘Daily Testing’, Assange Trial Halted by Virus Scare

Just as the the virus is disappearing, the UK government is taking the fascist plunge – imposing even more strict draconian measures that when...

UKC News: ‘Case-demic’ Exposed and Why Gov’t COVID Narrative is Collapsing

As people return from their ‘Stay-cation’ summer holidays, many schools and businesses are now wanting to open up, which poses a dilemma to politicians...