Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Screening

‘Invisible War – Depleted Uranium and The Politics of Radiation’ (2000)

A shocking tale of corruption and cover-ups, and a generation ruined by American military conquest.

Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own (2007)

As a result of this cover-up, hundreds of thousands of US veterans have been discarded like a spent cartridge.

DOCUMENTARY: ‘The History of Oil’ (2006)

Chronicling the exploits of Anglo-American Empire over last hundred years - with oil as the central actor.

Inside the Israeli Lobby in USA (2017)

A banned film which offers one of the deepest and most detailed investigations into how Israel has achieved its stranglehold on the US politics.

‘Saudi Arabia Uncovered’ (2017)

Is the House of Saud really a family at war with itself?

Voices From the Gasfields (2015)

The devastation of Fracking laid bare for the world to see.

‘Decadence & Downfall of the Shah of Iran’ (2016)

It was meant to be a celebration of the Persian empire, but it turned out to be the catalyst for the dynasty’s downfall.

Operation Basalt: Prying ISIS from Yarmouk (2018)

This week’s documentary film, curated by the editorial team at 21st Century Wire. In July 2018, the Syrian Arab Army liberated a key section of...

Crimea For Dummies (2014)

Did Russia really invade and ‘annex’ The Crimea?

‘War as a Working Place’ (2017)

They are the unsung heroes of the Syria war, putting their lives on the line to bring their country the truth.