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This is a unique and extremely well researched independent documentary monograph, which offers a substantial challenge to the official orthodoxy of germ theory. For over a century, the modern pharmaceutical industry has managed to capture and steer the field of modern virology which claims that most diseases are caused by microscopic virus particles, and that the only solution to this invisible scourge is to inject people with various pharmaceutical ‘vaccine’ cocktails made of cell culture material and toxic adjuvants. This film contends that most symptoms you might experience, whether from COVID-19 or numerous other alleged viruses, are actually the result of toxic exposures – including from the pharmaceutical compounds themselves. However, in today’s highly politicized media environment, anyone who dares to question modern virology and vaccines is quickly labeled a crank, an ‘anti-vaxxer’, and a ‘germ theory denialist’. This battle stretches back to the early 20th century, with men like Louis Pasteur, Claude Bernard and Antoine Béchamp all competing for a scientific consensus somewhere between germ and terrain theories. This film rips open the scientific debate on germ theory, and also exposes many of the fraudulent methods used by virologists, as well as the dodgy testing assays like PCR and antigen tests – both of which were used to drive the COVID-19 global pandemic narrative. Watch: 

Run time : 2 hrs 34 min
Narrated by Steve Falconer
Production: Space Busters (2022)