Friday, March 31, 2023

Going Underground

Going Underground: Understanding The Guardian’s Latest ‘Russia-White Helmets’ Conspiracy Theory

According to The Guardian, everything is a “conspiracy” if it doesn’t fit the official government narrative.

‘Russian Spy Attack’ Special: What’s Next for Russia and the UK?

The public are still waiting for some evidence to substantiate the UK government’s bold claims of a ‘Russian attack on British soil’.

Another Fatal Blow to The West’s Precious White Helmets Narrative

“Too many times we’ve seen the same child in photographs, year after year, always covered in dust.”

Interview: White Helmet Leader, Raed al-Saleh, Gets His Facts Confused

White Helmets PR face stumbles on live TV, claims he’s a victim of a ‘Russian smear campaign’...

Going Underground: Vanessa Beeley on The Idlib Ceasefire, White Helmets and...

Going Underground's Afshin Rattansi interviews Vanessa Beeley

John McAfee: ‘Why I’m Running for President’

America’s most infamous rogue software developer has thrown his hat into the Presidential ring once again, but this time he’s waging his campaign from...