The UK’s NHS continues its downward slide, as politicians and Ministers continue to scapegoat COVID, as they flail in the face of an ever-growing NHS patient backlog waiting list. Meanwhile, government regulators are pushing the experimental mRNA jab even harder now, and are even targeting 6-month-old babies for superfluous injections which have since been proven to be neither safe nor effective. Also, Zelensky has scooped up yet another award from the Military-Entertainment Industrial Complex as TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”, an award previously bestowed on the likes of Adolph Hitler and Joe Stalin (as Facebook and others continue to whitewash and censor any news or historical comparisons regarding NATO-backed Nazis in Ukraine). This, of course, was necessary to keep the Ukraine gravy train going through what looks to be a long winter, as the gang in Kiev continues to rake-in cash from hapless western governments and donors. All this and more. 

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