In Episode #384 of the SUNDAY WIRE which aired on Aug 8, 2021, host Patrick Henningsen spoke with UK-based medical professional, academic and researcher, Dr. Kevin Corbett PhD, to discuss the unprecedented scandal which unfolded in the wake of the supposed ‘global pandemic’, as government officials around the world are suddenly backtracking on previously ‘settled science’ claims on PCR testing, masks, asymptomatic spreading, and brutal lockdowns – all based on no real evidence of a novel coronavirus. Dr. Corbett also shares the striking parallels between the COVID hysteria and his time working in medical research during the HIV/AID crisis era – where fraudulent tests were also deployed in order to create the impression of deadly epidemic – with the medical and pharmaceutical industrial complex targeting the gay and black communities as alleged ‘high risk groups, stigmatizing them and ruining hundreds of thousands of lives globally through their various protocols. All this and more. Listen: 

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