US-Funded Media Fails to Produce Evidence of ‘Russian War Crimes’ in Ukraine

How the West’s ‘Russian war crimes’ propaganda campaign has fallen flat on its face.


US government-funded Frontline PBS recently published a video regarding alleged Russian “war crimes” from early 2022.

Far from being objective journalism, it turns out that PBS instead worked with a dubious organization, SITU Research, also funded by the US government, and none other than Mikhail Kordorkovsky, a corrupt Russian oligarch harbored in London.

Despite over half a year to gather evidence, the video report categorically fails to prove the Russian massacres of Ukrainian civilians. Still, the story of the “Bucha Massacre”, a bizarre and unlikely event (blamed on the Russian military) which has since been engraved in the western conversation surrounding the Ukrainian conflict.

Independent analyst and editor of The New AtlasBrian Berletic explains how this propaganda campaign has fallen flat.

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