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On May 2, 2014, people from Ukrainian port city of Odessa were forced into the Trade Unions House building by Nationist militants, which was then set on fire, as militants and onlookers watched the occupants get burnt alive inside. Their crime: they dared protested against new nationalist junta government that came to power in Kiev following a violent coup d’état ‘Euro Maidan’ color revolution, backed by the United States, and supported by NATO and EU allies. Officially, 42 people were announced dead, including seven women and one child. To date, no one has been held responsible for this horrific massacre. Alexander, one of the few survivors, shares his memories of what really happened, and new battles he has to fight in the aftermath. Watch: 

Run time: 26 min
Directed by Yana Yerasova
Production: Bonanza Media (2021)

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