‘The Ukraine Hoax’ (2020)

America’s Ukraine problem led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump—and mass murder.


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The year is 2019, and America’s Ukraine problem didn’t start with a telephone call between US President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. In fact, it started years before: both nations meddled in each other’s elections and 130 people were killed. After enduring three years of investigations into Trump campaign connections to the Kremlin, author Michael Caputo ties the impeachment to the Russia hoax and introduces important new participants—shady diplomats, corrupt politicians, treacherous murderers, and a billionaire scheming in the background. It’s a tale only Michael Caputo could tell: a former aide to candidate Donald Trump whose close ties to the former Soviet Union put him in the crosshairs of federal investigators. The Ukraine Hoax takes you to Ukraine, Georgia, Washington, and more—and into a nest of snipers who claim to have murdered innocent protestors on Kyiv’s Maidan Square. “The Democrats tried to undo President Trump’s 2016 election with Russia investigations and Ukraine impeachment,” Caputo said. “I know the President was right to ask Ukraine’s President for investigations because the Democrats are up to their necks in corruption there.”

Run time: 53 min
Directed by Michael R. Caputo
Production: Surfside Productions (2020)