This week, the government and media are ramping up the fear again with predictable claims of “surging cases” in preparation for a renewed push for yet another round of draconian control measures like lockdowns and vaccine passports. Also, more media scare stories are being aggressively pushed claiming that the unvaccinated are ‘dying of Covid’ in droves, and that this is being driven by ‘online misinformation.’ The recent murder of British MP Sir David Amess by an alleged ‘Islamist extremist’ youth has led back to a controversial counter-terrorism program known as ‘PREVENT,’ with a very dubious past. Also, what’s really behind all of the new ‘Facebook whistleblowers’ being lauded by media and government. All this and more. 

Co-hosts Mike RobinsonPatrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with the end of week news round-up. Watch: