Fillet Oh Fish! (2013)

Farmed Salmon — one of the most toxic foods in the world.


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The story is the same all over the world: your local river used to be one of the best salmon rivers in your country, and in just a few short decades, it’s been completely destroyed by fish farms. The vast majority of salmon are now escaped farm fish, riddled with genetic defects and often full of parasites. But wasn’t salmon meant to be the ‘healthy option’? Nicolas Daniel’s groundbreaking documentary, “Fillet-Oh-Fish!”, takes a critical look at the fish industry with rare footage from fish farms and factories across the globe. Many still have a romanticized view of fishing, but when it comes to large-scale food production, the salmon industry has fallen to the lowest depths imaginable – making farmed Salmon one of the most toxic foods in the world today. As noted by the producers of the film, “through intensive farming and global pollution, the flesh of the fish we eat has turned into a deadly chemical cocktail.” And yet business is still booming.

Run time: 54 min
Directed by Nicolas Daniel
Production: Upside Television (2013)

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