UKC News: ‘Big Tech and Melinda Gates Vaccine Censorship, Greta Out in Cold’

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up.


As Europe continues to get hit with record-breaking cold weather, leading climate activists like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg have been suspiciously quiet. In the UK, the government is doubling-down on its ‘pandemic’ narrative, as politicians and the press seem increasingly desperate to sell the vaccine to the public and are now openly talking about coercive measures to get people to take. Globalist Melinda Gates has now come out from (behind her billionaire husband) the shadows – demanding that Big Tech firm do more to censor ‘dangerous conspiracies’ about vaccines on social media. All this and much more.

NOTE: This episode of the UK Column News was originally broadcast on February 12, 2021, before being banned by the censorship dept. at YouTube who erased it from the UKC channel – allegedly for the crime of “medical misinformation”. UKC News appealed the decision, but YouTube did not reply, thus refusing to say exactly which specific part of the broadcast constituted “medical misinformation” in their eyes. We believe it was our discussion of this peer-reviewed paper on the dangerous risk of prions forming in humans as a result of taking the new experimental mRNA vaccine:

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up…