UKC News: Biden Woke Inauguration, Boris’s Endless Lockdown, Vaccine Refusal

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up.


As expected, Joe Biden’s inauguration was a woke-fest like no other, including strict adherence to masks and social distancing – and it’s only going to get worse. In Britain, Boris keeps moving the goal posts on lockdown, as the country descends into an abyss of uncertainty as to when the ‘pandemic’ charade will actually end. The government are also scrambling to plaster-over any potential fallout from adverse reactions to the new experimental mRNA vaccine, as state agencies and corporations seem determined to nudge the public into complying with vaccine passports for travel. All this and more. 

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up…