Holiday Edit: Cancel THESE Clowns, NOT Christmas…

If you're into canceling, then check this list out.


Our special Holiday edit of the Sunday Wire Show, from Episode #354, with host Patrick Henningsen:

We take these ‘pandemic’ peddlers to task who’ve not only been attacking Santa Claus and using kids to do it, but also ruining our Holidays & Christmas with their sick and twisted lockdown policies.

If you’re into canceling, then check this list out:

  • “Santa” Klaus Schwab – who ‘usurped’ Santa Claus this year
  • Gretchen Witmer – ‘keeping it real’ authoritarian up in Michigan
  • “Saint” Anthony Fauci – teller of tall tales and gatekeeper for Big Pharma
  • Sanjay Gupta – chief medical media propagandist for CNN
  • CNN – the least trusted name in news, the whole lot of them
  • Gavin Newsom – the “Gavinator” makes lockdown rules that don’t apply to him
  • Dan Rather – part time journalist, full time Russiagater

Don’t Cancel Christmas, Cancel Them!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from 21st Century Wire