Glenn Greenwald Resigns From His Own Publication Citing ‘Pro-Biden’ Censorship

In resigning from The Intercept, Greenwald exposes an “infiltrated” media serving up political propaganda to the American people.


Earlier this week, Glenn Greenwald, who was co-founder and editor of The Intercept, resigned from the news organization after the award-winning journalist made, in his own words: “An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate” – the contents of which his now former media outlet refused to publish.

What Greenwald was referring to, of course, was the recent Hunter Biden email scandal story first reported by The New York Post that was swiftly censored by Silicon Valley and mainstream media operatives.

The implication here is that the corporate media establishment has buried all journalistic integrity and gone ‘all-in’ for the Democratic Party’s candidate Joe Biden during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Watch as Greenwald excoriates the corporate media establishment and gives their whole game away…