#ElectionEdge 3: The Plan for Post-Election Chaos, Trump vs Biden Optics

Learn how the Democrats, MSM and Silicon Valley plan to hold-up the 2020 election result.


There are a slew of court cases regarding the issue of ballot submission deadlines and signature verifications. Democrats are pushing for a long delay after election day, while Republicans are not wanting any last minute rule changes and voter extensions under the pretext to COVID and ‘the pandemic’.

21WIRE editor and host Patrick Henningsen looks at some of these legal challenges in key swing states, and also exposes Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s own direct role in helping to sow mass-doubt in the election result. Also, we break down the contrast in optics between the Trump and Biden campaigns – and how this is affecting voter preferences on Nov 3rd. Thus far, Trump looks like he’s extended his likely lead this week, surging in some key battleground states. We’ll reveal our latest Electoral College Projections.

All this and more…

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