SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Branch Covidians’ with guest Basil Valentine

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…


On SUNDAY WIRE EP #345, the 2020 Election is heating up, as America was treated to an October Surprise this week – a laptop surfaced with emails from Hunter Biden which proceeded to throw the mainstream media into a spin and trigger the Silicon Valley’ Great Blue Firewall in order to prevent the public from seeing the important breaking story.

The Covidian Cult continues to ascend in Europe and the UK, as Boris Johnson’s government is doubling-down on its “Second Wave” theory by preemptively locking down half the country under a dazzling new regime of ever-changing rules and measures which no one can really understand anymore. So much for ‘Russian meddling.’

In the second hour we’ll speak with the Sunday Wire’s Roving Correspondent for Culture and Sport, Basil Valentine, for more on the gospel of the new Branch Covidian Church. All this and much, more.

Enjoy the show…