UKC News: Turkey in Idlib, Assange, Stone, MH17, UK Regime Change Journos

Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson with the end of week news run-down.


Turkey is threatening to start a shooting war with Syria and Russia in order to save its jihadist forces from annihilation in the last remaining terrorist stronghold of Idlib, triggering US and UK to try and use the UNSC to intervene. Roger Stone was sentence this week, as the US establishment use his case to bolster the Russia-WikiLeaks conspiracy theory. Also, it’s been revealed that since 2013, the UK government recruited and funded ‘opposition’ journalists in Syria to help promote the ‘moderate rebels’ and call for regime change in Damascus. All this and more.

UKC News co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson with the end of week news run-down.