Jimmy Dore: In Defense of Tulsi and Condemnation of Meghan McCain

US presidential candidate faces off against the offspring of America's most notorious warmonger.


Last week, 2020 Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) walked into the proverbial snake pit of US daytime television – the establishment’s premier consensus reality and gate-keeping vehicle, The View.

Congresswoman Gabbard was flanked by CNN propagandist Anna Navarro, and second generation war hawk, Meghan McCain. The panel of daytime mavens proceeded to interrogate the Democratic candidate for her political views and having dared to travel to Syria to bear witness to devastation left by Washington’s 7 year-long proxy war waged against that Middle East country.

“You have said that the Syrian president, Assad, is not the enemy of the United States,” crowed Meghan McCain. “Yet he’s used chemical weapons against his own people 300 times, that was a red line with President Obama. That is not our enemy? Thirteen million Syrians have been displaced.”

Gabbard promptly responded, “You’re putting words in my mouth that I’ve never said.”

Host Jimmy Dore and guests help to break down this incredible TV appearance, and referees the heated debate that followed.