Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own (2007)

As a result of this cover-up, hundreds of thousands of US veterans have been discarded like a spent cartridge.


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Although this film is now a decade old, this subject is more timely than ever. Many viewers will find many of the things they will see and hear in this documentary appalling. Over 250,000 US troops were likely exposed to or have suffered the effects of Gulf War Syndrome to some degree. Soldiers, as well as Iraqi citizens, were exposed to a raft of chemical agents, biological agents, batches of vaccines, and numerous other toxic substances including depleted uranium. To date, the US government refuses to name the specific causes of this epidemic – most likely for fear of liability and a massive public backlash – not only in the US, but globally. As a result of this cover-up, hundreds of thousands of vets have been discarded like discarded like a spent cartridge, mere cannon fodder.

Runtime: 1 hour 23 mins
Directed by Gary Null (2007)