Special guest, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, talks about her new investigative documentary Diplomatic Viruses‘, NATO’s latest sabre rattling exercise in Serbia, Bosnian election lattice, Britain’s disturbing 5G roll-out, Vatican ‘exorcism’, and much more.

Hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen for the early week’s news round-up from the UK Column.

START – Russia claims US running secret bio-weapons lab in Georgia Insect bio-science being undertaken by US army with diplomatic immunity A toxic mosquito aerial release system is under development… Independent journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva explains her research US official explanation is highly suspicious – weaponised insects downplayed 100 recent deaths have occurred in Georgia… Georgian facility is off limits to Georgians – only US personnel allowed Activites inside the facility not covered by international law 21 Wire article: Pentagon’s $70m chemical & biological program at Porton Down Recommended short film: ‘Diplomatic Viruses.’
16:27 – British military: a Joint Vision has been signed with Germany
17:53 – Jens Stoltenberg speaks at NATO conference in Serbia Stoltenberg: we bombed Serbia ‘to protect civilians’… Serbia running joint Russian-Serbian air drills – a problem for NATO…? Dayton Accords: leaves democratic chaos in Bosnia & Serbia 24:28 – US VP Mike Pence: China is trying…to change the international order Pence: What the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing Russiagate getting long in the tooth – still no evidence of collusion China Daily: China and US need trust and cooperation
28:59 – George Soros funded Fusion GPS, his spokesman confirms
30:30 – UK: Global Parliament of Mayors annual summit – 21-23 October, Bristol Devolution of power to regions is an EU policy to break up all nation states Britain continues to pay while EU policy is brought in via the back door
33:16 – UK geospacial data now available for sale: 5G ‘utopia’ is the goal
35:39 – Fracking agenda: MP loses seat – ends up working for INEOS… Public officials rewarded by corporate lobby and government, public ignored
37:19 – Pope blames devil for Church divisions & scandals – seeks angel’s help…