Professor Piers Robinson, Co-Director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, and Chair in Politics, Society and Political Journalism at the University of Sheffield, spoke to Sky News about the Skripal case, Russia and Syria, reiterating that ‘more evidence is needed’ before the British government’s claims can be legitimately stood up:

“We are being asked to place faith and trust in Theresa May and the intelligence services but we haven’t actually been presented with the facts and the evidence which actually does confirm the claim that’s being made. So we really need to step back and look for more, and as some of the representatives in UN Security Council were saying yesterday we need to really have more evidence before this claim can be stood up if there is the evidence to support the fact that is was certainly GRU.”

Robinson also addressed the ‘dangerous politicization’ some British diplomats may use in an attempt to conflate the Skripal affair and the situation in Syria:

“We also need to be very aware that this might become politicized and used as part of accusations and claims being made in the context Syria. And I would add that Karen Pierce did actually make that link herself in the discussion with journalists after the UN Security Council meeting yesterday, where she talked about Russia and the Syrian government and international norms, etc.”